Oreo Cheesecake is one of the most popular Cheesecake in the world, almost everybody loves the cheesecake however cheesecakes are quite expensive compare to other ordinary cakes that are available in the bakeries. Maybe because of it’s ingredients are really quite expensive especially the cream cheese well it depends what brand of the product because  there are cream cheese that are flavorful and the price are really high and the wisest cream cheese are the average price but with perfect taste for the cheesecake. What I usually use is PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, this is really good and the taste is really perfect for making Cheesecake! My advice is when you finish reading this recipe don’t buy in those stores anymore sometimes they over price, you can make your own Cheesecakes with different varieties.

This recipe of Oreo Cheesecake is a baked cheesecake, if you’re gonna browse my old posts you can notice that I already posted an Oreo Cheesecake recipe but its unbaked, but this one is we’re gonna bake this cheesecake, way more tastier and way more Cheesecake than Unbaked one! So grab your whisks and spatulas and were going to start BAKING!


100g       Oreo Cookies Crushed

60g         Butter, Melted

450g       Cream Cheese, at Room Temperature

90g         Sour Cream

155g       Sugar

8g           All Purpose Flour

3pcs       Eggs

3pcs       Egg Yolks

4ml         Vanilla Extract

14pcs     Oreo Cookies for toppings


In a 9-inch Springform pan cover below with Aluminum Foil

To make the crust, combine the Crushed Oreo Cookies to Melted Butter, combine well and press the mixture to the pan


and then put in freezer until ready to use.

Softened the Cream Cheese by passing it to mixer until smooth.

Add in Sugar and mix for a while. Add Sour Cream, flour, then the eggs (drop per piece, beat well) follow the yolks, slowly apply on the batter mixture. Add Vanilla


Keep on mixing till smooth and combined well.

Get the crust and pour the batter over crust.

Bake 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-45 minutes using Bain Marie (How to do it: Get a baking pan (I used pyrex Pan) that can hold your 9inch cheesecake springform pan, then place it there and on that extra pan of yours on where the 9inch was placed fill it with BOILING water in it, you don’t worry about the cheesecake batter to be wet inside, remember you have put the aluminum foil outside the 9inch springform pan, that is to protect the inside batter to be wet by the boiling water outside it)

To check for the Doneness, use a cake tester or just a tooth pick, pierce the cake and when the stick comes out clean no sticky batter then it is already done!

Unmold to pan, and sprinkle some Crushed Oreos on top and fill the top with whole oreos, design by your desire!

Enjoy your Oreo Cheesecake!!


NO BAKE Cheesecake


Everybody loves Cheesecake, like every people that I know loves cheesecake. Whenever we are in a café shop if they have some cheesecake most of the time we would rather go for it for desserts. Even during special events whenever your friend gave you a Cheesecake it’s like a diamond gift because you can partner this with some of your favorite flavorings, like fruits, jellies, chocolates, etc. Everybody loves it but do you know that this awesome recipe is already been living in our world since the ancient Greece and Roamns,  the earliest attested mention of a cheesecake is by the Greek physician Aegimus, who wrote a book on the art of making cheesecakes. Most probably you know what the main ingredient here is, obviously it’s the cheese. Nowadays its more prevalent to use Cream Cheese in making Cheesecake but some countries like Germany use Ricotta cheese.

So obviously everybody really likes this sweet dish so I will show you the SUPER EASIEST way in making this Classic Cake, I said SUPER EASIEST because you don’t need the oven in making this, you just mix and mix and layer it and it’s done. I made this Super simple NO BAKE Cheesecake for everyone so everyone can do this.


For Cheesecake Filling

226g (2) of Cream Cheese, softened

¼ cup of White Sugar

240ml of Heavy Cream, or you can use all purpose cream (chill it out and beat for consistency)

1 tablespoon of Lemon Juice

For Crust

1 cup of Crushed Graham Crackers

2 tablespoon White Sugar or Brown Sugar

90g of melted Unsalted Butter


Let’s make the Crust first, Combine the Butter, Sugar and the Graham Crackers in one bowl, make sure to cover all Graham Crackers with Butter to make sure that it will not break apart.

Once its completely incorporated press down the crumbs on a 9 inch Tart pan, Pie Pan, or a Cake Ring (whatever you have at home, well mine i used pie pan). Then put it on the freezer to make sure the crust will hold.

While freezing the crust we will now make the filling. put the Cream Cheese in a bowl and beat the Cheese until softened, you can use hand mixers to make it faster. After that place the lemon juice and the sugar. Beat until well incorporated, apply your Cream and beat the Batter until you have soft peaks, you can see on the picture the sample of soft peaksImage

Whenever you have this consistency, means that its already well foamed. So grab the crust on the fridge and start placing it on the crust, make sure that the crust is already form


Once you already place it, put the cake on the fridge or chiller for about an hour or until the cream has already been form Most advisable is overnight. What I did to my Cheesecake is the simplest way, if you like you can put berries, strawberries, cherries toppings on your cake, it’s up to you.

Enjoy your very own NO BAKE CHEESECAKE!