Cream Puffs and Eclairs


Cream Puffs and Eclairs are one of the favorite bite sized pastries. The Cream Puff is topped with Caramel and the Eclair is topped with “Ganche” or a Chocolate Glaze,  actually you can make different varieties for this but this is the standard for this recipe so it’s really up to you.  I also love them too, like I can have this all day long because in every bit of this small pastry is like heaven, the dropping of the cream to your mouth in every bite and the flavor of the Caramel and the Chocolate gives justice to that small pastry!

Actually it’s easy to make this two choux pastry, well first “choux” is a French word for cabbage they call this a Cabbage Paste for the dough of these pastries, on this recipe you don’t have to knead the dough, actually it’s a wet dough called the choux paste. For the filling of this recipe it’s up to you if you like to just fill it with whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream, but what I filled it in is a Pastry Cream, well its very simple to make that cream,  boil 450g of milk, 60g of White Sugar, and 50g Butter, in a different bowl whisk together the 4pcs egg yolks, 60g White Sugar and 40g cornstarch until canary yellow, when the milk mixture is boiled already put some of it in egg mixture and whisk thoroughly to temper it and when good put everything of milk mixture, continue mixing when well combined bring the whole mixture to a pot the medium heat and just continue mixing until it thickens, when thicken put it on a plastic wrap completely covered to avoid skinning of the cream and let it cool. Then use it when your going to use for the puffs! If you find this difficult you can just use whipped cream and put some sugar on it continue whisking then when thickens you can chill and use it already.


200g Water

70g Butter

2g Salt

2g Sugar

140g Bread Flour

4-5pcs of Eggs


for Caramel

1/2 cup White Sugar

for Ganache or Chocolate Glaze

125g Semisweet Chocolate bar

75g Whipping Cream


Pre heat oven to 425 degree Fahrenheit

Combine water, butter, sugar, salt in a pot then bring to boil. All at once, put in the flour and stir until forms to a ball, you can see its already good when the whole flour is already hydrated and it leaves a thin skin underneath the pot


Transfer it into Mixing Bowl and let it cool, the temperature for that to cool is 140 degree fahrenheit or lower. Then mix it.

Crack the eggs and then slowly put one by one on the Dough, beat well during incorporation.

See the picture below for the correct texture of the Pate a Choux .


When ou already have this consistency and texture, put this on a pipe Bag then Pipe this on a Pan.

For Cream Puffs, pipe a circle round with 2 diameter, or you can make it more larger its up to you, for Eclairs pipe on a pan vertically up to 3-5 inches.

When Pipe done, put it on the oven and Bake for 30 minutes or until it blooms and golden brown.

When you already have the puffs, bring out your Cream and pipe inside the Puffs, make a whole underneath or on sides.

For Cream Puffs Caramel get a half cup of white sugar, put it on a pan, let it liquify, put sugar by bathces slowly, until it forms a caramel, and then just dip the top of the Cream Puffs!

For the Ganache, heat the whipping cream, let boil and mix with the hcolate and let it melt, then dip the top of your Eclairs, dont let it drip, you want a toppings for this!

and then chill those two pastries then the hardest part is waiting! Enjoy your small bite sized Choux Pastries!


Comments for questions!



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